You may have recieved this information from a email subjected: New Foreward! Foreward Please! Well, thanks for actually checking this site out! You earned this medal; (p.s. click on this link! Its Maddie's and Taylor's half routiene for cheerleading! We've gotten Much, Much better!!!)

 So is this kool 'activity' a sport? Gee, I wonder. My oppinion will be added to the stack! Taylor too! Mail us at and include your (1st) name and state you live in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alabama:                                   Alaska:

Arizona:                                    Arkansas:

California:                                Colorado:

Conneticut:                               Delaware:

Florida:                                      Georgia:

Hawaii:                                      Idaho:

Illinois:  Rylie, NO! Morgan, YES! Kayla, YES! Maddie, YES, Taylor, YES.                                           Indiana:

Iowa:                                         Kansas:

Kentucky:                                  Luisianna:

Maine:                                       Maryland:

Massachusets:                            Michigan:

Minnisota:                                Mississippi:

Missouri:                                   Montana:

Nebraska:                                  Nevada:

New Hampshire:                        New Jersey:

New Mexico:                             New York:

North Carolina:                          North Dakota:

Ohio:                                          Oklahoma:

Oregon:                                       Pennsylvania:

Rhode Island:                              South Carolina:

South Dakota:                              Tennessee:

Texas:                                          Utah:

Vermont:                                      Virginia:

Washington:                                 West Virginia:

Wisconsin:                                    Wyoming:

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